Who doesn’t know Labuan Bajo? Apart from the temple animal (Komodo), Labuan Bajo is also famous for its beautiful sea and clean white sand. The natural panorama that spoils the eyes with a million places to watch the beautiful sunset makes Labuan Bajo known as a hidden paradise in eastern Indonesia. It is not surprising that Labuan Bajo is now able to compete with several world tourist destinations and has even become one of the main destinations for foreign and domestic tourists.

Would it be a shame not to visit Labuan Bajo? So, if you are planning to travel to Labuan Bajo, here are some tips for traveling to Labuan Bajo on a cheap budget but still safe and comfortable;

  1. Prepare your budget well

The costs that need to be prepared for traveling to Labuan Bajo are relatively expensive compared to other tourist destinations in Indonesia. Here are some expenditure details that you must know if you visit Labuan Bajo;

  • Pick-up transportation
  • Tour packages (overseas/overland)
  • Hotel
  • Entrance tickets to tourist attractions
  • Guide fee
  • Food and drinks (but usually food and drinks are always provided by the ship operator or travel agent if we have purchased a tour package)

Based on the things above, it is recommended to prepare a holiday budget of IDR. 2,500,000 per person for one day tour duration and a minimum of Rp. 5,000,000 per person for a tour duration of 3 days, this cost does not include transportation costs from the area of origin to Labuan Bajo.

  1. Select the type of tour package

Choosing the type of tour package or tour program is the first step you take before determining how much budget you will prepare for traveling to Labuan Bajo. So, the types of tour packages offered in Labuan Bajo are private trips and sharing trips (open trips).

Private trip is a program specifically aimed at tourists who rent or choose this program. The advantage of this tour package is that it tends to be more flexible, where departure times and tourist attractions (itinerary) can be adjusted to the wishes of those of you who choose this type of package.

Different from sharing trips (open trips), this tour package can be interpreted as a shared trip that is open to the public. The advantage of this tour package is that it saves more budget because the costs can be borne by other guests. Tourists who choose this package will be combined into one group with prices, quotas and itineraries provided by the travel agent or tour provider.

Several open trip and private trip packages that you can choose from;

  • Private trip 2 days 1 night Rp. 28,000,000 for 5-8 people (superior ship)
  • Private trip 3 days 2 nights Rp. 32,000,000 for 5- 8 people (Superior Ship)
  • Sharing a full day trip Rp. 1,450,000/person (speedboat)
  • Sharing trip 3 days 2 nights from IDR 2,500,000 – IDR 5,000,000/person (pinisi boat)


  1. Choose a vacation time

The beauty and uniqueness of Labuan Bajo makes it a favorite destination for several foreign and domestic tourists. But do you know the best time to visit Labuan Bajo? Come on, take a look at the following explanation of the weather conditions in Labuan Bajo;

January – March; A series of regional festivals

For those of you whose tourist destination is to increase your knowledge about culture, visit Labuan Bajo during this period, because you will be amazed by various regional festivals, including the Komodo festival, Labuan Reba festival, Florata festival and Caci dance festival.
April May; Green View
There is no need to doubt the natural beauty of Labuan Bajo. To maximize your tourist exploration, come during this period. During this period the weather in Labuan Bajo tends to be sunny and the hills of the islands are green. This month is usually targeted by photographers and Instagrammable children.

July – September; Komodo mating season
For those of you who want to get to know Komodo dragons more deeply or do research on Komodo dragon breeding, you can come during this period. Because at this time the Komodo dragons are entering the mating season, usually during the mating season the Komodo dragons tend to spend their time outside looking for a mate.

October – December; Explore the underwater beauty
A visit during this period is the right time to enjoy the underwater beauty of Labuan Bajo waters. Snorkeling and diving activities are very suitable, starting from seeing the beauty of coral reefs, sharing beautiful types of fish and several other marine biota.

One thing you must pay attention to when on holiday during this period, it is recommended to do water activities during the day, this is because the rainy season usually occurs in December.

  1. Select a travel/ship agent

As one of the super priority destinations designed by the government, it is not surprising that Labuan Bajo is in great demand by tourism actors such as travel agents and boat operators in Indonesia with materials from abroad. For those of you who are planning a holiday to Labuan Bajo, be careful in choosing a travel agent or boat operator that offers Labuan Bajo tour packages. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a travel agent and pinisi ship.

To avoid fraud, check and pay attention to the profile of the company (travel agent/ship operator) you want to choose, as well as reviews and social media from the travel agent/ship operator.

An example of a travel agent in Labuan Bajo is Kraeng Komodo. Kraeng Komodo has collaborated with several superior pinisi, deluxe to luxury operating in Labuan Bajo and even expanding to Raja Ampat. Among them; Adishree Phinisi, Andamari Phinisi, Malca voyages, Clalynna Phinisi, Pinta Phinisi, Lamborajo II, Samara Phinisi, Fenides and many others.

Prepare your luggage
For your safety and smoothness when traveling to Labuan Bajo, there are several items of luggage that you must know and prepare before traveling to Labuan Bajo. This is because the development of Labuan Bajo tourism can be said to be still new and requires time to adapt facilities to tourist needs. Some of the items you prepare include;

Telkomsel Card
Considering that telecommunications signals on several islands and in the middle of the sea are relatively weak, you must bring a starter card whose signal is quite “strong” in the Labuan Bajo area. One of the strong telecommunications services based on previous traveler experiences is the Telkomsel Card.

Another alternative that you can try is to bring a portable wi-fi model that you can take anywhere.

This is especially important for those of you who cannot be separated from the internet. Moreover, with a strong signal, you can still communicate with each other and update moments in real time on social media

Before you start your trip or sail on a pinisi boat, it is recommended that you prepare enough cash, because it cannot be denied that behind the beauty of these beautiful islands in the waters of Labuan Bajo, they were once uninhabited islands. transformed into a tourist destination open to the public. it is difficult for you to find an ATM. So on several islands that are your destination when traveling, there are local art stalls or shops

Personal equipment (skin care)
When on holiday, you definitely need some equipment such as toiletries, skin care products and other equipment. The tropical climate in Labuan Bajo is said to have high temperatures. The lowest average daytime air content can reach 25.7oC. Therefore, for those of you who have special needs for skin that is sensitive to the heat of the sun, it is best to prepare these products from your hometown because the mini market supplies in Labuan Bajo are not yet complete.

So, those are some tips for traveling to Labuan Bajo, hopefully they can help.

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